Mission, Vision, and Values

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Mission, Vision, and Values: ACME Parking
ACME Parking has been providing parking management services and solution to private lots, restaurants, night clubs, and hotels in the Los Angeles and Orange County since August of 1999. The services which ACME Parking provides are valet and self parking management, parking consulting, and installation and maintenance of parking equipment. Their clients include landmark locations in Los Angeles, national restaurant chains, as well as international Hotel chains. Although, ACME Parking only provides services in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties, ACME Parking has the potential to become a dominant force in the parking management and solutions arena due to their focus in relationships management, finance, and customer service.

ACME Parking’s mission statement is, “Quality and consistency in the professional parking services that we provide for our clients; anticipating and exceeding their needs; while listening, learning, and conducting business under disciplined and honorable ethics.” Because ACME Parking provides services throughout several industries, ACME Parking chose not to identify or list the client market. Need for parking services can come from an event at a home in Brentwood, CA, or a need for parking staff at a hotel. Aside from the mission statement, ACME Parking also outlines their values and refer to them as the guidelines for success: 1.Maintain a daily positive attitude

6.Relationships are of great importance
The seven guidelines for success were created to be a guideline to the values at ACME Parking.
ACME Parking has recently encountered a stunt in growth and a decline in services requested by the current clientele. Due to the economic downturn, hotels and restaurants have seen and will continue to see a decline in patron traffic. This has impacted ACME Parking due to the financial structures in place with the clients....

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