Mission, Vision, and Goals

Topics: Fashion design, Clothing, Juicy Couture Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Ashlei Redding
MGMT 1020
Professor Baumanis
16 April 2012
Mission, Vision, Goals
Everyone is put on earth for a specific reason. We all have our own paths that we must follow and goals that we have set. Some people may have simply goals like to “get rich”, and others may have specific goals like “to be the chief executor of _____ company.” My mission in life is to be happy with the way my life turned out. Yes, I would love to have a lot of money and to be known, but what's the point of having all of that when I'm not happy that I have it? Most people mistake being grateful for happiness. Wrong! Many of the rich and famous are grateful for what they have, but not all are happy with it. No matter how my life turns out, I just want to be happy. Whether I am a homeless woman living in a shelter, or a successful entrepreneur living in a million dollar home, I just want to be happy!!

Five-ten years from now, I see myself working on my clothing line and generating a good amount of sales. I see myself getting talked about in some of the hottest fashion magazines saying that I am one of the hottest successful plus size fashion designers around. During this time I hope to have a high rolling website for my line, and that I have a huge amount of customers that buy my items. I would also love to have at least one- two fashion boutiques fully designed and fully staffed. Being a fashion designer is my main career goal. I do not see myself being anything but a designer.

Fifteen-twenty years from now, I see myself being in runway shows showing off all of my fabulous designs. I see luxurious clothing stores all across the map with my brand name a logo on the front. My stores will be fabulous and glamorous like Gucci, Guess, Coach, and Juicy Couture. My clothing will be very elegant and formal. Celebrities, both small and plus size will be flaunting my designs to the Grammy's, Oscars, VMA's, and more....
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