Mission Statement Analysis

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Mission Statement and Code of Ethics
For this assignment I choose to look at two companies I am currently working for. I have been with these companies for a few years and I have worked in different positions within the companies. I feel I have a sense of how they are managed and can compare my experiences with them to their goals of the mission statements and code of ethics. The Home Depot Mission Statement

The first company is The Home Depot. After reading the mission statement I feel that it fits the company. It points out clearly being in the home improvement business and the main focuses are pleasing the customers, having the better price and more products than competitors. Working in my store I have experienced management urging employees to better customer service and having the lowest prices. In their mission statement it mentions eight core values of the company, these values are used each day in my store and have been in the company since it started. Although I know The Home Depot is in the home improvement business, after sitting in our class discussions about the railroad companies and not looking at the whole industry, I feel The Home Depot may want to think of them also in the retail business. By looking at the market through retail they can see all the stores and can still being competitive and not allow another store to sneak up on them, for example Wal-mart. Although the mission statement is very clear and concise, the question of the company’s future isn’t defined. Of course they want to be at the top of the market but they are already there, so I don’t feel that it is very challenging for the size of the company to not have more leading to where it would like to go in the future Burger King Mission Statement

The second company I choose is Burger King. While reading through their mission statement I felt the focus was on the business. It said they were here to provide quick service, try to exceed our competitors, conduct business...
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