Mission Statement

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Mission Statement
Alicia Bernard
EDUC 6610: Teacher as Professional
January 19, 2014
Mission Statement

A mission statement is similar to a road map; we have to consult it ever so often to stay on track or as a reminder of our purpose for accomplishing our goals. A well-known educator and author stated, “ writing or reviewing a mission statement changes you because it forces you to think through your priorities deeply, carefully and to align your behavior with your beliefs ” (Covey, 1990). It is believed that teachers who have a clear knowledge of their responsibility in the classroom are usually more effective than those who have no set plans. While viewing a video presentation on the ‘Power of mission’, the speaker explained that, “High performing teachers keep in touch with what their purpose is” (Laureate Education, 2010b). Therefore, a mission statement enables the teachers to accept the responsibility for the direction in which the classes take or how the students are motivated to learn. After consulting four teachers and a parent, with a rough draft of a mission statement, it was suggested that I incorporate creative writing and critical thinking to the list of things I want to accomplish as a part of my mission as an educator because these are some of the skills our students will need in the future. My mission is to establish a learning environment that is conducive to developing skills in critical thinking and creative writing. I will also encourage my students to think positively and to aim high by providing them with real life experiences that will aid them in appreciating the past in order to embrace the future as successful citizens. In order to accomplish this goal, I will encourage my students to think outside of the box. An example of this is to ask the students to imagine that they were on one of Christopher Columbus’ voyages. They will be asked to describe the setting, the mood of the sailors on board the ship and the major events...

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