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Evaluating Mission Statements Margaret A. Bynes
MGT450: Strategic Managements for Organizations Instructor: Kyla Williams September 29, 2014

Two mission statements will be reviewed in this paper. They are Home Depot and Nike. A mission statement is “a concise statement of a company’s reason for being, what it actually does and for whom” (Abraham, S.C., 2012). The mission statement should have what products and services the company produces for which market and considers itself unique. It should answer what the company does and its reason for existing. During the course of its survival, a company should check its mission statement to make sure it is still valid and states what the company’s goals for the future are. Home Depot

Home Depot is an innovative company that sells supplies to builders, home renovators, and the self-help builders, who wants to do projects on their own. Rather than having one mission statement, Home Depot has eight (8) values that are designed to guide its employees at all levels. These values includes: 1- Excellent customer service- The company is putting the customer services as well as the product first on its list to benefit the company. It gives the customers advice on the use of all merchandise purchased, so there will be few returns. 2- Taking care of our people- It states that “the key to our success is treating people well” (Farfan, B. 2014). By treating people well, it is treating them as a person would want to be treated under any circumstance. This is achieved by encouraging the associates to take risks and by rewarding good performances. The associates are also encouraged by leading and developing their growth in the company. 3- Giving back- By giving time, talent, energy and resources to many worthwhile causes in a community is beneficial to the company as well as the customers. It puts trust in the company to see them interacting with the people in the community. 4- Doing the “right” thing- By doing the “right” thing means that the company is using good judgment in striving to understand the impact of their actions toward their customers and employees and accepting the responsibility for their actions. 5- Creating shareholder values- By providing the shareholders with returns on their investments shows their commitment to the organization. 6- Entrepreneurial spirit - The associates are encouraged to create and show innovative ways of providing services to the customers and improving the way the business may be operating. 7- Respect for all people- The associates must work in an environment that demands respect and non-discrimination from everyone associated with the company because it is a team effort. 8- Building strong relations- The company listens to all members of the team and by having integrity, trust and being honest in their judgment can build a strong relationship among its members. The mission statement for Home Depot includes all people, who are inspired to do home improvements, this is the company to choose. Their associates are trained to advise on the merchandise and because they use the best products, they have more time to focus on the customers. The mission statement takes the customer’s feelings into consideration and the employees are inspired to do their best because of the rewards. Nike

The Nike company is a well-known product. It is the leader in athletic wear. The mission statement is short and focuses on the people that are athletes. The statement says its mission is to inspire and innovate all of the athletes in the world. It is saying that as a customer buying their product, you can consider yourself an athlete. “If you have a body, you are an athlete” (Farfan, B.,...

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