Mission Statement

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Question two (c): Describe the characteristic an effective mission statements

Mission statements is a guideline set forth in the mid – 1970s by Peter Drucker who was well known as the Father of modern managements. Peter Drucker said that asking the question “What is your Business?” is the same with asking the question “ What is your Mission?”

A mission statement is a declaration of an organization “reason for being”. A clear mission statement is essential for effectively establishing objectives and formulating strategies. Sometimes mission statements called creed statements, a statement for purpose, statement for philosophy, statements of belief and etc.

Characteristic of an effective mission statements firstly it is need to be more than a statements of specific details, mission statements is a declaration attitude and outlook. Mission statements needs to be allows for generation and consideration of a range of feasible alternative objective and strategies without unduly stifling management creativity. Secondly, a mission statements needs to be broad to effectively reconcile differences among and appeal to an organization’s diverse to the individual and groups of individuals who have special stake or claim on the company.

An effective mission statement also said that it should not be too lengthy. Less than 200 words is a recommended length. It also arouses positive feelings and emotions about an organization. Effective mission statements should generate the impression that the organization or the firm is successful direction and it is worthy of time, support, and also investment. Mission statements should be dynamic in managing its orientation.

An effective mission statement describe the organization or firm’s purpose, customers, products or services, markets, philosophy and basic technologies according to Vern McGinnis, a mission statements should: a) Define what organization is and what the organization aspires to be b) Be limited enough to...
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