Mission Statement

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Be the teacher I would want my own child to have. This was my motivation and driving force throughout my entire studies at Walden University. I can stand before you today and say with one hundred percent certainty that I am now the teacher that I would want my own child to have. As I began my journey with the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, one of our first assignments was to read the college’s mission. As I read the mission, I remember wondering how an online program was going to prepare me to become a teacher who inspires and influences my students. I now understand that Walden University gave me the tools and knowledge to look deep within myself and my own teaching. Those tools have helped me become that teacher who is able to inspire and influence students. Education is the one of the most important professions we have today. Lee Canter, an educational author and speaker, discussed his personal experience of a teacher that would not allow him to accept “F” as a grade (Laureate Education, Inc., 2010a). After listening, I realized that everyone has become who they are because of a teacher or a combination of teachers. We have the most important job because we not only teach students subjects like math, reading, science, etc. but we also have the job of preparing them to become respectable citizens and leaders. As Sonia Nieto said, “ Even under the best circumstances, teaching is a demanding job, and most teachers do not work under the best circumstances ” (Nieto, 2003, p. 3). Our jobs as educators have become much harder over the years. We are expected to achieve more with much less. Throughout my studies, this was a reoccurring theme with many of my colleagues. We have this overwhelming need and want to help each and every student, but circumstances pose to be the greatest obstacle. Although educators have a big obstacle before them, positive attitude can be the greatest power to help break down the barrier. Lee...
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