Mission Statement

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Creating a Mission Statement
The purpose of a Mission Statement is to empower. According to Covey, Merrill, and Merrill (1994, p. 113), “An empowering mission statement: 1. Represents the deepest and best within you.  It comes out of a solid connection with your deep inner life. 2. Is the fulfilment of your own unique gifts.  It’s the expression of your unique capacity to contribute. 3. Is transcendent.  It is based on principles of contribution and purpose higher than self. 4. Addresses and integrates all four fundamental human needs and capacities.  It includes fulfilment in physical, social, mental, and spiritual dimensions. [“To live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy”] 5. Is based on principles that produce quality-of-life results... 6. Deals with both vision and principle-based values...An empowering mission statement deals with both character and competence; what you want to be and what you want to do in your life. 7. Deals with all the significant roles in your life.  It represents a lifetime balance of personal, family, work, community – whatever roles you feel are yours to fill. 8. Is written to inspire you – not to impress anyone else.  It communicates to you and inspires you on the most essential level.” The following information provides context to creating a Mission Statement. -------------------------------------------------

There are essentially three styles: (1) single sentence; (2) paragraph or two; and (3) a list of objectives. -------------------------------------------------
1.  Single Sentence Style:
Jones (1996) advocates the single sentence style, noting that there are three key elements to a good Mission Statement, including (a) not being longer than one sentence; (b) easy to understand; and (c) memorable. Considering the significance of a mission statement for leadership, Jones reports: “all great leaders in history have had missions that...
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