Missing the Old House

Topics: Passing By, English-language films, Debut albums Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: September 24, 2012
I’m missing our old house and all of the good memories that were made there. I miss the city that I used to live in. I lived there for almost 13 years and there I was attached so much. I really do miss our old house as where I spent my childhood growing up there. And so, that house played an important part in my life. It’s almost been a week since my family and I have moved. I know I’m still homesick. It is funny to realize that for some reason I’m just like a kid being away from home (for a camp or anything outside activity) for a day and felled scary and sad. Yeah, I want to have fun with my friends, but once I am there, I start to miss my good old bed, my good old friends, my good parents and all that everyday stuff at home. HAHAHAHA Our old house has been on my mind almost all day today and all day yesterday. Sometimes, I have moments where I’ll just lay on my bed and stare up at the ceiling and think about all of the wonderful people that I met there while growing up. I think about all wonderful memories(It’s kind of hard to explain.xD). I miss all of my amazing former neighbors and the perfect block where I lived on. ( Am I alright?? I said “ AMAZING”??,haha, you know what I mean. Although they were kings and queens of what I called “ MUSANG”, I really do miss them. hoho.xD I can’t count how many of my friends from school lived on our street, close friends as well ( MARLON,CEHZ). =) I really do miss the crazy doings there. Haha (one of my crazy things is this.. remember??the moment I was caught by the “BIG GIRL” and she pointed her fingers on me, yelling.. MALANDI KA! MALANDI KA! in front of my ante’s house where there were lot of people passing by. Ahaha:D. Despite of what happen I’m still happy and proud knowing that I am still beautiful. Wahahahaha :D adikk!! I won’t ever and ever forget that =)). So much for this.. all I know is… I missed my friends so much. I missed my old town esp. our old house and everything about it. Right now,, I was severely...
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