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Missing dog

By possumkat Mar 27, 2014 407 Words
Where do lost pets go?

Cats, dogs and livestock are taken to the City of Melbourne pound provided by the RSPCA at 3 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East.

If you have lost your pet, call the RSPCA on 9224 2222. If your pet has a registration tag and microchip, you will be contacted. Please make sure your microchip and registration details are up to date. You can visit the RSPCA to reclaim your pet between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Sunday.

If your pet is missing and doesn’t have a registration tag or microchip, you will be required to visit the RSPCA to check for your animal.

If you have found an animal, call the City of Melbourne on 9658 9658.

If you find injured wildlife, you should contact Wildlife Victoria on 1300 094 535.

You can also take injured wildlife directly to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital located at 24 Villiers Street North Melbourne, or to any veterinarian, or call the City of Melbourne on 9658 9658.

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Collection of stray, injured or abandoned animals

If you find a dog or cat, by law you must deliver it to the pound of the relevant local council. This is the best way to ensure pets are reunited with their owners.

Please complete the online form to request collection of a stray or abandoned animal. If the animal is injured and requires urgent attention, call the City of Melbourne on 9658 9658.

The City of Melbourne Animal Management Service provides animal collection services for injured animals and lost cats and dogs throughout the municipality. This includes lost livestock such as rabbits and chickens.

After hours emergency services for injured cats and dogs are provided by Melbourne Pet Ambulance who can be contacted on 9658 9658.

Pound and re-homing services are provided by the RSPCA on behalf of the City of Melbourne. Did you know?

Approximately 50,000 cats are picked up in Victoria annually and 35,000 of these have to be put to sleep, mainly due to poor health.

Research shows a major contributing factor to this problem is people feeding unowned cats because they feel sorry for them. This confuses the cat and changes its feeding habits. This isn’t the answer. For further information visit Who's for Cats?.

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Other places to look for your lost pet

Your pet may have wandered into a neighbouring council or been delivered to a vet or animal shelter. You may find it helpful to check the services of neighbouring councils.

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