Miss Representation

Topics: Mass media, Gender, Woman Pages: 6 (2008 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Christina Ly
Miss Representation

What would you do if you found out you were being brainwashed? As humans we like to believe that we have free will. As an individual we like to have the freedom to choose our decisions and to freely form ideas on our own. In the end we do make our own decisions, but maybe something is subconsciously guiding us to making those choices. The media likes to take a big part in shaping what society believes are their wants and desires. People are constantly bombarded with images that allow them to believe that these ideas are true and obtainable. A cycle has started before a child is even born that there is specific look and that the baby needs to act a certain type of way. These ideologies have been so apparent in our society for centuries that we think that there is nothing wrong with the way we act and interact with others. Miss Representation demonstrates a behind the scenes view of the illusion the media likes to portray to society and how it affects us.

Women are constantly unrealistically portrayed; they are objectified and hyper sexualized in the media. The documentary features the difficulties women have to go through when their ideals are unobtainable and the pressure they feel when people want them to look a certain way. These images allow women to think that their body is the only voice they have, it’s the only tool to identify themselves and that this is their worth. Jean Kilbourne quoted beautifully, “Girls are being encouraged to achieve that ideal at younger and younger ages all the time. They end up measuring themselves against an impossible standard and feeling themselves wanting as a result of it.” Miss Representation showed ordinary high school students speaking about the issues they felt about the negative perceptions of women. We were able to understand the pain and pressure young women have to face everyday to conform to this ideology of beauty. It makes it difficult for teenagers because if they do not look that way; they are then allowed to be subjected to torment and scrutiny. Frequently these female voices in the documentary talk about how advertisements are illustrating a specific idea of beauty. When women see these objectified images of other women in magazines, movies, advertisements and television they expect themselves to be like those women. Almost all the time in these advertisements women are portrayed vey hypersexual. Jean Kilbourne gave a great explanation of how powerful the medias message is for young women. Specifically for women, they try to make them feel that they are not beautiful enough in order to buy more things to try achieving this “look”. She talked about how advertisements are made precisely for you to be insecure and anxious. Miss Representation allowed us to see the difference between how a model looks like in real life and how in an ad she is digitally altered. This contrast showed us how unrealistic her body looked and that even the model could not capture this idea of beauty. How it makes it difficult for girls is the fact that women will chase for this idea and spend any amount, time and effort in order to achieve this concept. Girls are spending more time and money on there appearance than using that effort on getting educated. M. Gigi Durham quoted, “Which is why you keep seeing these certain body type over and over again because those are the body types that generate the purchase of all these beauty products and this sort of futile pursuit of this idealized body. It’s a hugely profitable pursuit for the media industry.” This statement demonstrated how the media wants you to go after these specific body types and in order to look like them you must have that specific product or go get surgery. We live in society where it has become a norm to objectify women. People think that it is okay to exploit women in the media. Jean Kilbourne discussed that when women are constantly objectified they quickly learn to also objectify...
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