Miss Massey: Analysis

Topics: Homosexuality, Bisexuality, LGBT Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: March 16, 2009
Miss Massey

The British short story Miss Massey deals with the taboos and prejudice that encircles the minorities of society, e.g. homeless and gay people. The themes in the short story are love, relationship, kindness, homosexuality and society. The love is between two gay lovers, and a friendship between Miss Massey and the two men, Jaz and Tony. The relationship and sexuality is between two gay men, who are trying to solve problems that occur in the story. Furthermore we see how the society deals with differences, i.e. being homosexual, and also what might or can happen if you are different from the rest of the society. That is to say, that you might lose your family and friends, which actually happens for Jaz.

Miss Massey’s a homeless elder woman, who is characterized as benevolent and selfless. For instance, it is mentioned in the text, that she gives her umbrella to a pair of tourists even though, she has no money to buy a new one, besides that she also says, that she is as right as rain, which means, that she is as fit as a fiddle (she is in perfect health). These two character traits are very important for the essence of the story, given that it might be the reason for Tony inviting her for Christmas at his and Jaz house. I suppose, it isn’t a coincidence that the story takes place over Christmas, a season that stands for joy and kindness. It is the time where you cogitate over your life and where you find out what you could have done better. For Tony it means inviting Miss Massey into his and his boyfriend Jaz lives. The main characters in the story are Miss Massey, Tony and Jaz. It’s through Miss Massey that we first encounter Jaz’s general suspicion of the world, which occurs when Miss Massey uses the word Paki in front of him (Jaz himself is a Pakistani). The reason for that might be, because of her openness towards people and because she wants to help Jaz to become comfortable around her.

Jaz Sharma is a young and unhappy man, who is...
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