Miss Havisham Analysis

Topics: Social class, Working class, Charles Dickens Pages: 3 (570 words) Published: November 30, 2015

Many times throughout the book characters experience the destruction of relationships, the most important ones though are Pips relationship with Joe and Miss Havisham's relationship with Compeyson. Great Expectations shows that relationships will be destroyed when people care more about money than people.

When Pip first begins to gain money and raise into a higher social class he begins to feel like he is better than Joe and ashamed of Joe. Near the beginning of the book after meeting with Miss Havisham and Joe Pip says this "It is a most miserable thing to feel ashamed of home." (14.1.1). This shows how after gaining some money from Miss Havisham he already begins to feel ashamed of Joe and the way he acts. Dickens made Pip feel ashamed...

Compeyson would be romantic and loving towards Miss Havisham so he would be able to take her money, “He practised on her affection in that systematic way, that he got great sums of money from her,” (22.52.10). Dickens uses this to show that people will fake affection for someone for their money and it can destroy their relationships and lives. Miss Havisham completely falls in love with Compeyson and he continues his fake romanticism so that she is very reliant on him for happiness. She doesn’t want to lose him so she keeps giving him money. After Compeyson proposes to Miss Havisham the wedding day comes and, “The day came, but not the bridegroom.” (22.55.4.) he leaves her at the altar. This shows that he completely destroys her. Dickens does this because it shows that the relationship was built on Compeyson wanting Miss Havisham’s money and him caring about money more than people, showing that money can destroy relationships.

These points show that Dickens is trying to show, through the characters in his book, that money can make a person do terrible things. He uses Pip as an example that even friendships that have have lasted since birth can be ruined by money changing who people are. He uses Miss Havisham to show that people can take advantage of you in relationships just to get all your money, and not to be completely blinded by love. These...
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