Miss Evers Boys Film Analysis

Topics: Ethics, Autonomy, Informed consent Pages: 8 (1852 words) Published: March 27, 2017

The Tuskegee Syphilis study took place in Macon County, Alabama. The United States Public Health Service was initially interested in conducting this study, in regards to how untreated syphilis grew and affected the African American man. While the study was being conducted, there were many situations that occurred, and really the entire study, that became ethically questionable to many who were unaware of what the study was in its entirety. Watching the movie “Miss Evers’ Boys” gave a better view of how those included in the study were treated, and what they felt being participants, and how some of the staff within the study felt about what was going on. This study all in all was a questionable, even to those who were working within.
A little about the study before breaking apart what was wrong with how it was conducted; this took place around the 1930s, in the Southern United States. The movie “Miss Evers’ Boys” was a movie scripted to tell the stories of those involved in the study, most importantly Miss Evers, who was a nurse involved in the study. The movie goes to show how she felt throughout, while wanting to help the men that she had grown close with, but also wanting to help make a medical discovery. There were also two male doctors...

At the beginning, she was sure that they physicians shouldn’t tell the men about their syphilis, because it would scare them off and they would never take part in the study. Instead, she insisted they just tell the men that they had “bad blood”, and let them know that if they participated they would get treatment for free, and a couple other added bonuses. Miss Evers and the rest of those included in running the study deprived the men of their autonomy when they told the participants that they were getting the right medical treatment, when in reality their progression of the illness was merely being recorded and compared. (Munson,...
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