Miss Brill

Topics: All You Need Is Love, Love Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: October 23, 2013

Eng 201-009

Prof. Percy Haynes

October 20, 2013

“All You Need Is Love”

We as human beings seek want companionship and acceptance. Nobody wants to be rejected. I know what your thinking. “I don’t need nobody I can care for myself, I don’t need anybody.” You can try an experiment, don’t speak to anyone for a whole day and see how you feel at the end of the day. We are social creatures. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t have any friends, loved ones or some type of companionship. In high school, many people were made fun of for not having friends. They didn’t fit in with the norm. In the story of “Miss Brill” the narrator character is a very lonely old lady-seeking acceptance. Her lifestyle entails that she cant seem to distinguish illusion from reality.

Miss Brill will have an every Sunday routine of going to “Jardins Publiques” the public park. You might think Miss Brill will go to the park for the same reason as you and I. We will go to the park to read a book, meet up with a friend etc. Miss Brill would go to the park and listen to other people’s conversation, while rubbing her fur. Miss Brill enjoys listening to other people’s conversation and narrating, judging them. "Oh, how fascinating it was! How she enjoyed it! How she loved sitting there, watching it all!" Miss Brill loves to be apart of other people’s conversation psychologically. Jamie Fast wrote in her essay, “Miss Brill employs the tactics of listening and watching to passively include herself in the activities of the park crowd. She is expert at "sitting in other people's lives for just a minute" by eavesdropping. This habit of "listening as though she didn't listen" helps her to feel included.” This ritual shows proof that Miss Brill is incredibly lonely. Miss Brill doesn’t realize she’s lonely.

Miss Brill narrates people’s conversation and makes scenarios in her head because she cant accept the reality of her being alone. “They were all on the stage.“ Miss...
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