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Business Law
Assignment 1
Irish Law System
Module: Business Law
Course: Business Studies Level 6
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Business Law:
Legal Sources of Irish Law:
Task 1:
The business that I have chosen to evaluate and to discuss how the sources of Irish law would have on a business. Also what impact the sources would have on the company and to describe the sources of Irish law. The business that I have chosen for my assignment is MMS Medical this company specialises in making rehabilitation products for the disabled and elderly. A lot of their products and the standard of their products for the disabled are regulated and monitored to ensure they are safe and to a high standard. A lot the laws of business have a big effect on MMS Medical for this reason. Common law is related to all people and with their assets and family it was first set up from English law to help settle civil law and criminal disputes. In the case of MMS Medical if they had a civil dispute with a customer over a faulty product MMS sold them and would not fix for example a scooter to help to resolve this the best way for both parties. Also all laws and legislation for the trade unions to regulate and keep the rights of employees of a business if a person was working for MMS going around fixing scooters and other products and not left take a brake that can cause trouble within a trade union. The legal source of Irish Law in relation to MMs Medical our current legislation body is the Oireachtas what is empowered to legislate the country. No other legislative authority to make laws for the state. The Orieachtas consists of two houses the Dail Eireann and Seanad Eireann and the president. The superior legislation that before a law becomes law it’s a bill that must go through five different stages in the oireachtas. The first takes in the Dail or Seadnad putting the title of the bill to the house. Than it is printed if it don’t pass this it Is defeated the third part is...
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