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Understand Partnership Working in
Services for Children and Young People

Task A
Answer the following questions.

1. Why is it important for children and young people that you work in partnership with the following people/groups? •Parents, carers, guardians
Other professionals
Multi-disciplinary teams

2. Identify from within your own chosen work setting three relevant partners for communication and information sharing.

3. What three characteristics define an effective working partnership?

4. List three examples of potential barriers to effective partnership working.

Task B
Answer the following the questions.

1. Give two reasons why clear and effective information between partners is important.

2. Identify one policy and one procedure from children or young person’s work setting for sharing information.

3. Give one example of a conflict and one example of a dilemma that may occur when sharing information with partners.

4. What are the legal requirements for recording information?

5. Explain how communication and records are security stored to meet data protection requirements.

6. Explain why referrals are made to different agencies and how this is done.

Task C Questions
Answer the following questions.

1. Give two reasons for working in partnership with parents and carers.

2. Complete the following table giving an explanation of how to develop and sustain partnerships with parents or carers, and one example of circumstances that would make it difficult to develop and sustain this partnership.

How to do this Difficult circumstances Development of partnership
with parents or carers

Sustaining partnership with
parents or carers
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