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Childminding: Regulation & Legislation – A Parents Guide What is a Childminder?
The legal definition of a childminder is a person who works with children for more than 2 hours a day, in their own homes for reward. Regulatory Body
Childminders must be registered with their countries regulatory body. The regulatory body for Wales is the Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW). Their job is to regulate a wide range of social care services, checking that services provided are safe and of a good quality, as set out in law. CSSIW encourages the improvement of social care, early years and social services by: Regulating.

Inspecting and reviewing.
Providing professional advice.
national minimum standards
Childminders must meet a set of rules called National Minimum Standards (NMS). These standards are used to determine if childminder settings are providing adequate care for children under 8 years old. The regulatory body responsible for making sure these standards are met is the CSSIW.

National Minimum Standards (NMS) apply to child minders and providers of day care for children under the age of eight years who are required to register in accordance with the provisions of Part 2 of the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 and its associated regulations. Legislation

Underpinning all regulation and standards set is Legislation – laws, rules and regulations passed by Acts of Parliament. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was drawn up in 1989. It is not actually legislation, but its guiding beliefs underpin lots of recent pieces of legislation. There are 54 articles in the UNCRC, which say in a nutshell, all children must be shown respect and their interests are paramount. Welsh Government has drawn up Seven Core Aims based on the UNCRC. These ensure that all children and young people: have a flying start in life and the best possible basis for their future growth and development have access to a...
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