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1. How does the Internet change consumer and supplier relationships?


The internet has made the consumer and supplier relationship more interactive as it has allowed the consumer to customize products that they are purchasing. Also, e-commerce has allowed suppliers to sell directly to consumers thus removing the middle man. As there is no longer any need to compensate a middle man, e-commerce often results in lower prices for consumers. (K.L)

Another large cost savings is through direct delivery. Even though a consumer might place an order on a retailer’s website, the order might be re-routed directly to the wholesaler or manufacturer and can be shipped directly to the end-user. The ‘middle man’ in this case might still make a profit but overall shipping and storing costs might be much more cost effective. (S.M)

2. The Internet may not make corporations obsolete, but the corporations will have to change their business models. Do you agree? Why or why not?


I agree with this statement because as the internet grows in size and is widely used by the public, corporations will have to shift their policies and business models to incorporate issues related to the internet. To stay competitive with other firms, corporations will have to integrate their current business models with new ones that take into consideration the e-commerce side of the business. To stay competitive in the market the corporations will have to address the new wants and desires of the public and that would be through e-commerce and online shopping as well as online customer service and other aspects. (K.L.)

3. How have social technologies changed e-commerce?


E-commerce, in the popular sense, can be defined as: the use of the Internet and the Web to conduct business transactions. A more technical definition would be: e-commerce involves digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals....
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