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Safety Checks
Task 1
Using the EYFS welfare requirements, create a checklist on a separate page that will allow you to ensure that the inside and outside environment, and all equipment and materials can be checked for safety.

Task 2
Using the welfare requirements, research and record below the minimum space requirements for: Children under two – 3.5 m²,
Two-year-olds – 2.5 m²,
Children aged three to five years – 2.3 m².
What other guidance is there regarding space requirements?
Other guidance which is giving within my setting requirements is that places in my home such as:- Kitchen,
Storage areas,
Utility rooms, etc
Do not count as a play area for the children unless there is enough room for toys such as sand pit, table with jig saws, etc can be placed in the room which allow children enough space.

Task 3
Using the welfare requirements, research and record below the minimum staff:child ratios that apply to your own setting for: Children under two – 1:2
Two-year-olds – 1.3
Children ages three and over – 1.8
Child-minders – max: 6 but no more than 3 under school age. Task 4
Look at the illustration and explain why minimum space requirements and staff:child ratio are important for children’s safety. Why are minimum space requirements important for children’s safety? Minimum space requirements are important for a child safety because as this picture shows there are too many children and not enough adults there to look after them or enough space. If there are too many children for example, 1:10 as the picture shows in such a little room with barely no space the children will therefore not have much room to move about and do what they are wanting to do and could get hurt. The picture shows this as well because there is far too many people in that one room and everything seems to be everywhere. Also the person in charge (looking after the children, child-minder, etc) will not be able to keep an eye on all the children at all times which he/she’s role is to do.

Why are staff:child ratios important for children’s safety? Staff:child ratio is important for the children’s safety simply because the person (child-minder in my setting) is in charge and responsible for each child’s safety. Therefore that’s why there is a set ratio for different age groups, etc.

Promoting health and well-being

Task 1
Complete the spider diagram below with ways of promoting children’s health and we-being in an early years work setting.

Task 2
Develop one of these ideas further and present it to your group, or create a display. Task 3
Carry out some research into the roles of the health professionals listed below and complete the table. Try to add other health professionals or sources of professional advice to the list below:-

Health Professional
Health visitor
They advise on health and development for the child. They also work with your GP’s to support families and young people. GP
This is where families take their children to if they have any worries about their health. They provide care for children and families. Paediatrician
This is the doctors within hospitals who specialise in children with health problems. Nutritionist
They work with doctors and other health professionals to develop meal plans with the appropriate amount of nutrients for patients with different medial conditions. Psychologists
They work with children who have behavioural or learning difficulties. Speech therapists
Work with children who have speech, language and communication difficulties or delay Dietician
They work to encourage nutritional well-being and prevent any food related problems or diseases which may need treated.

Food preparation and storage including formula and breast milk In my setting as a child-minder I do the following:-
Breast milk
There are two different ways which breast milk can be...
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