Topics: Nonverbal communication, Writing, Communication Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Promote communication skills in a health,Social care , childrens or young peoples setting.

1.1 The reasons people communicate is to ask for informantion,share information, show there feelings and express there thoughts. 1.2 Communication affects relationships in the setting because to build a good one with a young person or adult you need to communicate and start a foundation of a relationship. 2.1 To demonstrate the wishes and needs of others you may need to listen well, use picture cards , sign language , ask them to write requests on paper or even show them images of things and let them point and choose. 2.2 Factors to consider when promoting effective communication is to meet each and everyones individual care needs they may be verbal or non verbal, you need to observe and listen well . 2.3 There are lots of diffrent methods to use when comunicating these involve sign language, speech, picture cards, phone calls ,email, text and writing down on paper each individual person finds diffrent ways easiest to there own individual need. 2.4 To respond when communicating there are many diffrent ways : Assertive- Is how we naturally espress ourselfs to the individual we are comunicating with, when we are feeling confident and our self esteem is high. This is most effective as we are able to communicate with others with out upsetting them or giving off false vibes.

Aggressive- Is how we express feeling angry, making someone feel guilty for there actions or behaviour and is a way we respond to intimidate others. This isnt a key for a healthy relationship between care givers and the person you are caring for.

Passive- Passive communication is a way in which we use when we are being confronted about a matter in which we do not want to be questioned on or put on the spot about so we react by avoiding the matter this is why we would show little or no reaction at all.

Passivre Aggressive- Is a way in which we communicate when we want to avoid confrontation but...
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