Topics: Sociology, Human rights, Discrimination Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: October 5, 2014
 Equality Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care.

In this essay you will be able to identify what the meaning of Equality, Diversity and Rights are. This following essay will also contain how diversity can benefit the society, an explanation as to why promoting equality, diversity and rights are important within health and social care and how these can be maintained and also an explanation of given terminologies on equality. Equality is what all humans are entitled to, whether they are black, white, Christian, Muslim, Women or Men etc. The meaning of equality is to ensure that all individual are treated fairly and equally specific to their equal needs no matter what race, religion, sex or gender they may be. No individual is allowed to treat any human in an inhuman way because it is against the law. Equality is very important because it helps stop discrimination and it promotes equal opportunities. Treating people equally may help them to believe they can achieve exactly what others can, but treating people unequally may force them not to do things they want to or have a go at the many opportunities they may have had. Diversity is when individuals value other individual's differences and talents, making a society where everyone can participate and contribute.There are many different types of diversity. These may be: language, gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation. There are a lot of benefits for these examples. For race people may feel comfortable around others because they know that it is okay to be different and they may feel as if they can get easily accepted by others.People are starting to get use to same sex relationships so people who do have same sex relationships may feel much more confident to adopt a child, have a surrogate mother, perform IVF etc. Women nowadays are getting jobs that were said to be only a "man's". Not only are they getting those jobs, people do not look upon them any different...
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