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Evaluation of Weight Loss Programs
Montez Bradley
Argosy University
Professor Kimberly Wilkins
PSY350 Physiological Psychology
August 23, 2014

Weight Loss
“Many Americans believe that they are overweight, by a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Because of this, weight loss systems are big business” (Argosy, pg., 14, 2014). Weight loss can be achieved either by eating fewer calories or by burning more calories with physical activity, preferably both, The Georgia Bariatric has developed a weight loss program that involves all three. According to the internet Georgia Bariatric have incorporated several methods and tied them together for a healthy weight loss method. Advertisement reads, “Bariatrics is the medical specialty of weight control. It is derived from the Greek word "baros", which means weight. A bariatrician is a licensed medical doctor who is qualified to practice Bariatric medicine. Dr. McBarron's private medical practice. At Georgia Bariatric we realize that losing weight can be a complicated undertaking. For that reason we provide much more than other weight loss programs and weight loss centers” (Medical Weight Loss, n.d.).

According to the brochure there are several key points, fat burning injection, table food programs, liquid only programs, appetite suppressant, blended mixture of programs tailored to the individual’s needs. Advertisement state: “Individualized plans are the foundation for success at Georgia Bariatric, “We do not use cookie cutter plans like other weight loss centers because we realize that everyone is different in their weight loss needs. Just as each individual's metabolism is different, everyone's weight loss program can require different approaches” (Medical Weight Loss, n.d.). Their claim to effectiveness is due to their ancillary services which are as follows, exercise club, health fitness profile, thyroid testing, bone density analysis, and fat/muscle ratio amongst a host of other services.

When dealing with weight loss it is important to understand “physiology of the process of hunger, satiation, eating, and drinking as relevant for the weight loss method” (Argosy, 2014, pg. 15, 2014). “The set point theory suggests that despite dieting efforts, the body tends to return to its set point weight, however regular, consistent exercise may help to adjust the natural set point, some refer to the set point theory as an internal "thermostat" that regulates body fat” (Scott, 2014), (Pinel, 2014). According to Biopsychology the attributing factor for hunger is the deficit of energy. Eating is then perceived to be a means to an end to restore one’s energy source. There are set point in which a person should feel satiated. At this point the body uses energy to fuel its “physiological process”. When beginning weight loss programs it starts rapidly at the beginning and as a person weight decrease their energy requirement levels, in turn reduce your weight. Once the individual has reached the desired weight and the weight loss process stops. Returning to previous way of eating causes weight gain return quickly “Most weight-loss programs are unsuccessful in the sense that, as predicted by the settling-point model, most of the lost weight is regained once the dieter stops following the program and the original conditions are reestablished. The key to permanent weight loss is a permanent lifestyle change”. (Pinel, pg., 319-320, 2010). According to research when the energy resource fall below the set point it will trigger a person to eat another meal. Meals are according to set point assumption.

Obesity seems to be an epidemic in society today, the question is not how one loses weight? But the concern should be how one’s food is processed and learn the right foods to eat to keep yourself healthy based on the information obtained, it is suggested that a person attempting to lose weight by doing the necessary foot work to learn...

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