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Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools - Evidence Sheet

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Risk Assessment

What is a Hazard? How could you minimise it?

(See attached mind map)

Complete and attach 2 risk assessments one carried out as a class exercise the other one based on your class room / playground/ school hall/ school trip…

Why is it important to take a balanced approach to risk management?

It is important for all those who work with children and young people to take a balanced approach to risk management. Children should learn to be able to take some risks, and most activities will carry some element of danger. Many educationalists now believe that the current tendency for many parents to keep their children indoors and take them everywhere in the car has negative effects and is overprotective, as it does not allow them to explore and discover the world for themselves or assess elements of risk. If children’s experiences are limited due to adult’s anxieties, it is likely that they will find it difficult to assess and manage risk when they become adults. When children are given more independence, they are more likely to grow confidence – they should be encouraged to think about risks which may arise and act accordingly. In school, while it is important and to be vigilant and avoid excessive risk taking, we can help pupils to think about risks in the environment and what we can do to avoid them. Although you are making sure that learning environments in which pupils can work and play are safe places, you can also encourage them to think about why certain courses of action, such as playing football close to other pupils, may not be sensible. As pupils grow older, they should have more opportunities, both in school and through...
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