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Welcome to English ll. My goal as your English teacher is to help you improve your reading comprehension, and writing skills. Please know that I will assist you in any way that I can. It is essential that you follow directions, and complete your work to the best of your abilities at all times. As your teacher, and your guide to the Common Core Strategy implementation, we will all be working hard to improve our skills, especially in writing. Our focus will be more directed on persuasive and argumentative essays, a reflection of your critical thinking skills, and ability to express your point of view, and comprehension.

Course Description:The purpose of this course is to provide grade 10 students, using texts of high complexity, integrated language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career preparation and readiness.

Students will use Springboard Book Five, and the 10th Grade, McDougal Litell, The Language of Literature as a supplement.

!0th Grade Novels
Regular and Honors
First Semester
Animal Farm

Second Semester
Mice and Men
Things Fall Apart
Farenheit 451 and/or

Supply List 2103-2014
Notebook or binder with paper(If student has a multi-class notebook, papers must be bound by a folder(i e duo-tang folder) for notebook turn-in. 2 pencils and 2 pens
index cards for vocabulary
high-lighter to mark the text
Homework and Projects

Homework will be posted daily on the board daily. A highlight summary of homework and projects due date will appear on my pages within this site. When you are absent, check the website or the "While you Were Out" notebook in the back of the classroom.

Homework Rubric
100% Complete assignment according to model and instructions. 90-75% points . Minor errors or missing one of several key components. 50%-and below for evidence of work but lacks key components. Common Core Standards Focus

August-November: Key Ideas and Details.
Students will cite textual evidence, analyze explicit and inferred information Determine central idea,analyze how the main idea emerges,develops, and solidifies, then provide an objective summary. Analyze authors use of language, and literary devices to unfold, shape, and refine information. December-February: Craft and Structure

Determine use of words, phrases
Figurative,connotative, and technical meaning of vocabulary
Analyze cumulative impact of specific word choices reflecting on tone and meaning, and the different impact of words when used in different types of writing.(ie fiction vs information text). Analyze author's ideas and claims developed and refined within sentences, paragraphs, or large pieces of text. Analyze how an author uses rhetoric, and point of view creating tone and mood. March-April: Integrate Knowledge and Ideas

Delineate arguments and claims
Evaluate same arguments and claims
Assess validity, relevance, and evidence of claim
Identify false statements or fallacious reasoning
Analyze seminal U S historical and literary documents and their related themes and concepts Grades and Rubrics

100-90 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

59-0 F


100-90 Your answers are complete, and they contain the correct academic and literary language and devices.

80-89 Your answers are complete but lack specific literary, and academic language.

70-79 Correct answers but incomplete

below 69 Incomplete and incorrect answers

Please be aware that take home tests are due the next day. When you are absent from class on a due date for a take home test or a project, please email me the work to

Homework is due the next day. I do not accept late homework unless you have an excused absence. Please know that the homework for the last day that you were in class before an absence is due as soon as you return to class.

My goal is to make you successful by teaching you good note taking, writing skills, critical thinking skills, and study skills. For many of you, the Common Core approach to learning will be new, and at sometimes challenging. Be patient with the process, and with yourselves. As I stated before, I am here to assist you but I can not and will not do the work for you. As long as you show good effort, and attempt to tackle the work load, we will work as a team for your individual success, and that of the entire class.

I look forward to a successful school year for all of my students.

Remember Success is Achieved when you become part of the Solution, and not part of the Problem. All I ask is that you do your best, ask for help, and have the confidence to know that you will succeed with patience, and your best effort.

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