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Assignment on Crisis Management

Topic: Draw a Crisis Management pla for a terrorist attack in an ancient heritage building of India. As a Public Relations Officer, what steps will you take?

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At 2:50 p.m. on January 5, 2014, two explosions went off at the southern wing of the Indian Parliament. The terrorist attack killed three people, injured and maimed hundreds more, and shocked the nation. Despite being long recognized as a potential threat by law enforcement and intelligence, few Indians had considered the use of an improvised explosive device (IED) on Indian soil. And, due to only a few, and relatively small, attacks since 26/11, the public was not in a state of awareness. Yet, the fact remains that there have been at least 60 terrorist plots against the homeland since 26/11, illustrating the continued threat of terrorism against India. Fifty-three of these plots were thwarted long before the public was ever in danger, due in large part to the concerted efforts of Indian law enforcement and intelligence. The best way to protect the India from the continued threat of terrorism is to ensure a strong and capable domestic counter-terrorism enterprise—and to understand the continuing nature of the terror threat. The bombings in the Indian Parliament are not likely to be the last such attempt to attack India as a whole. Now is not the time for India to stand still. Government and the Administration should:

Ensure a proactive approach to halting terrorism,
Maintain essential counterterrorism tools,
Break down silos of information,
Streamline the domestic counter-terrorism system, and
Fully implement a strategy to counter violent extremism

Steps to be taken after the terrorist attack:
Strengthening the Domestic Counterterrorism Enterprise
Three months after the attack at the Indian Parliament, the pendulum of awareness of the terrorist threat has already begun to swing back, just as it did after 26/11. Due to the resilience of the nation and its people, for most, life has returned to business as usual. The threat of terrorism against India, however, remains. Expecting to stop each and every threat that reaches a country’s borders is unreasonable, particularly in a free society committed to individual liberty. Nevertheless, there are important steps that India’s leaders can take to strengthen the Indian domestic counter-terrorism enterprise and continue to make the nation a harder target. As a Public Relations Officer, the steps taken to counter this attack includes:

Ensuring a proactive approach to preventing terrorist attacks. Despite the persistent threat of terrorism, the Indian Administration continues to focus on reactive policies and prosecuting terrorists rather than on proactive efforts to enhance intelligence tools and thwart terrorist attempts. This strategy fails to recognize the pervasive nature of the threat posed by terrorist groups and homegrown extremism. The Administration, and the nation as a whole, should continue to keep in place a robust, enduring, and proactive counterterrorism framework in order to identify and thwart terrorist threats long before the public is in danger.

Maintaining essential counterterrorism tools. Support for important investigative tools such as the American PATRIOT Act is essential to maintaining the security of the nation and combating terrorist threats. Key provisions within the act, such as the roving surveillance authority and business records provision have proved essential for thwarting terror plots, yet they require frequent reauthorization. In order to ensure that law enforcement and intelligence authorities have...
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