Topics: Roller coaster, Merlin Entertainments, Thorpe Park Pages: 6 (2339 words) Published: March 27, 2014
Within any company there would be stakeholders that may have more influence over the company than some as is the same with Thorpe Park as they have four main stakeholders and each of them have their own Customers-The customers play an important role in any business’s company especially Thorpe Park as the main purpose of their business is to provide a service. The company uses different tactics to keep the customers happy such as promotions, for example; Thorpe Park offers discounts to the customers that arrive together in large groups. Customers have a potent influence not only in Thorpe Park but in other businesses as the companies not only want to maximize profits but also they want to their company have generally recognized with a reputation that satisfies customers, which then creates a long-term relationship with them and this leads to them returning to the company which is a key step in building a successful and profitable company. From the information that I gathered from my trip to Thorpe Park’s establishment by their spokesperson I was able to gain the knowledge that park has a marketing department which ensures that the park has a new ride every two years as to maintain customers attention and to also entice new customers to their establishment Shareholders: shareholders of Thorpe Park has a key role and interest in the running of the company as they have invested time and money into the business, for example; Before Thorpe Park was the amusement park it is today it was initially built on a gravel pit that then got partially flooded though they were able to turn it into a water based theme park that then became successful and they were eventually able to expand. The shareholders of Thorpe Park also have a strong influence over the company as they provide the park with the investments they need in order to create new rides and expand their business etc. With the shareholders having this level of influence on the business can cause a minor degree of struggle within the company as the shareholders in their own right partly own the business and would therefore think that their wants and desires for the business should be performed within the company, which then causes the owners of the park to consider their desires/wants of the shareholders though they may not have considered it before that moment as they want to keep their shareholders satisfied in order to ensure that they would continuously reinvest in their company. However the shareholders and owners share the interest that they both want to achieve its aims and objectives as if these were to be achieved the company may attain a profit as within each profitable organisation the main aim/objective of the business is to attain a profit and provide excellent customer service. Employees: The employees play a key role in the running of Thorpe Park as without them there would be no one to assist customers on the rides, no one to ensure the ticket stand is being run and so forth. Thorpe Park has provided employees with different benefits to ensure that they stay working for them and that prospective employees are encouraged to apply for a job with them, for example; Thorpe Park employees has a free admission pass to all of Merlin Entertainments Group LTD attractions, good competitive pay wage of £6.19 per hour or more depending on the position you hold. Employees have an influence on Thorpe Park though not exceeding the influence of a customer nor a shareholder. Though t will determine the amount of influence through:

* The contract between the employee and the employer. Which include pay and working conditions, fringe benefits like a company car, discounts, and travel/health insurance?

Local community: The local community play a key role in Thorpe Park’s business as they are residents within close vicinity of the park which affects the residents in both a positive and negative way. The local community are affected in a positive way as Thorpe Park...
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