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Things to buy for sos orphanage
1 Bag of rice - 10,000
1 Keg of vegetable oil 10,000
10 cartons of Indomie - 12,500
6 packs or pampers economy pack - 9000
Cartons of biscuits
Dettol soap
Dettol disinfectant

I have applied for the Diageo Pan-African graduate proposition because i am young and crave for a career with an organisation that will give me a dynamic experience that will challenge myngoals and knowledge. I believe this fits my career aspirations as i see Diageo as an organisation that stives to be the best at what they do and i sincerely want to be ampart of such a focus driven team.

1) Taxation Policies
2) Views by locals of water rights mismanagement. Also the resistance to bottle water sales. 3) The desire for local/traditional flavours of beverages.
4) Loyalty to local brands and resistance to licencing of these brands by multinatiomal corporations. 5) The decision to continue using available glass bottles, or push to switch to plastic bottles.

These challenges and opportunities can be made or broken by one majotnfactor, which is that most if not all of the countries in Africa are either under-developed or developing countries.

During my final year at university work on a team based project to solve all the IT issues of wny chosen NGO. Inled my team to winning the 1st place Projedt Team for all final Year IT students. I was able to handle the pressure related to organising the team and making sure our Code and Applications were functional and delivered within the set period.

While working on my final year project, i helped and volunteered for a non-profit organisation called Eco-Access. They helped and cared for children and adults with disabilities. Once i volunteered and came up with an idea to take the children on a trip to a games reserve. The challenging part of the experience was ths fact that a lot of the children were blind and it took a lot of encouragement and physical help to try get them interested and...
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