Topics: Play, Childhood, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Project 1:
Write a 2000 word essay report outlining what you have learnt about children’s development. Explain what you would do to facilitate and enhance children’s development. Outline how childhood education and care service providers are affected by the national quality framework, standards and organisational policies. Include information about: * Establishing an appropriate environment according to standards * Providing creative and challenging opportunities to stimulate learning * Encouraging involvement/ participation in experiences * Planning implementing and evaluating experiences for children * Varying experiences, depending on age, abilities, development culture and needs * Contingencies

* Sustainability, opportunities to address waste management In order to facilitate and to enhance a child development there are many things you need to take into consideration. Things such as: * Establishing the correct environment in accordance to standards * Providing challenging opportunities to stimulate the children’s learning * Encouraging both involvement and participation in experiences

To establish the correct environment within a child care service you need to abide by the National Quality Standards. These standards state that a quality childhood education and care environment must have * A variety of equipment and play materials

* A variety of play and rest areas
* A block area
* A book area
* A music area
* A nature area
* A rest area
* A toy area
* A dramatic play area
* A water play are
* Uncluttered spaces for active play
* Suitable space set aside for individual and quiet play * Windows that provide natural light
* Good ventilation and temperature control
* Policies and procedures that support safety and security * Qualified and well-trained staff who make children feel safe and secure...
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