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More than 10 years ago on the 11th November 2001, terrorists hijacked four passenger aircrafts and turned them into weapons of mass destruction and death. It was the worst terrorism act in the commercial aviation history where more than 3000 people died. The hijackers were able to board the airplanes after being subjected to the normal screening procedure while carrying knifes and other cutting tools to threat the passengers and the crew on board and take control over the airplane. This dramatic event has changed the face of aviation forever while fundamentally modifying the thinking and approach to security in the whole world. Nations have worked together and independently to implement new strategies against counterterrorism and improve the security and safety in the aviation industry.

a. 9/11
Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation was behind the 9/11 terror attack, where 19 members divided into four groups hijacked four passenger airplanes. The first hijacked aircraft was a Boeing 767-223ER with 92 passengers including a crew of 9 and the assailants. The second one was a Boeing 767–222 with a total of 65 passengers. On both airplanes the terrorists took over control and flew them into the World Trade Centre. The Pentagon was the target for the third aircraft a Boeing 757.223 with 64 passengers on board. Passengers were informed by mobile phones and took action in the fourth hijacked aircraft. The four terrorist on board were not able to reach the target, which was believed to be the Capitol Building or the Presidential White House and crushed to the ground with 930kmh. Figure 1 – departure and turnarounds of four hijacked aircrafts in 2001



Since 9/11 the security and safety technologies in the aviation world have improved. They are able to detect any suspected item which could possible lead to a terror attack. Through fully Body Scan machines and enhanced pat downs the safety for passengers has...
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