Topics: Marketing, Internet marketing, Consumer behaviour Pages: 15 (5219 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The Impact of the digital revolution in marketing and consumer behaviour. The revolution at the first time was named as Industry revolutions which was begun and grow in United Kingdom on 17 The century. And then it continues with many new inventions that support every aspect inhuman life. Nowadays, the inventions of Internet, hand phone, GPS device (Global Positioning System), laptop/notebook, etc. give major changes in the way of living. For instances, Now every human everywhere could still stay connected because of digital revolution, it make every kind of info move and always changing globally. The communication ratio is also increased and faster and involve people from anywhere in the world. Digital Revolution is bringing new and fresh ideas to his user, which is so common to use presently. All the technology is giving superb impact to both of marketing and consumer behavior. In marketing side, it is more emphasis changes to how to execute and implement ways to market a product into public. Furthermore, some impact that happens today can be seen through internet that a lot of products are promoting by internet compare to how they were promote in 1970s that they were still use some conventional tools, e.g. Newspapers, post mail, magazine, billboard etc. With the invention of internet, it makes workers in advertising and marketing world more creative in how-to-promote. Although current marketing are still using old marketing methods, internet brings big impact. Facebook, twitter, blog spot, word press, website are some examples that this media is use for as one of new way in marketing products. For instances, Proton Malaysia put some products to be advertise in facebook and always update news through twitter. The advantage is this media is free of cost and effective to encompass people. Tough they are still use blog spot to explain the recent event and website as showcase of the products and in website have a feature for potential customer to purchase protons car online by using credit card. The inventions of technologies also bring something to change every aspect of selling methods. Hand phone, notebook/ laptop, GPS device, etc. bring information through the user of those technologies faster. With the internet connection, people are more aware and try to get the latest information whether or not to make a business decision. By using hand phone that have internet feature inside now every producers or marketers can keep relation to customers by using email or by phone to keep update of what is new today. By using GPS device, the distribution of products could be more spreader into new places of expansion business. E.g. the distribution of Levis jeans to some places in Cambodia is easier by using GPS device. Recent approaches in marketing is the relationship marketing with focus on the customer, the business marketing or industrial marketing with focus on an organization or institution and the social marketing with focus on benefits to the society. New forms of marketing also use the internet and are therefore called internet marketing or more generally e-marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing desktop advertising or affiliate marketing. It tries to perfect the segmentation strategy used in traditional marketing. It targets its audience more precisely, and is sometimes called personalized marketing or one-to-one marketing. Nowadays promotion are more using internet space as well as traditional spaces that available on the street, billboard plagued in building, some advertisement in taxi, bus and another public transportation besides traditional media like magazine, tabloid and newspaper.

Promotion through internet is using website or website banner to make people remember of what product or service they offers. Promotion through email are just more common now, include promotional service or goods through facebook is also could be one real example. In addition of impact that happen in promotion areas...

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The Impact of the digital revolution in marketing and consumer behaviour.
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