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Higher Education is a Safer Investment

The debate over college education started long time ago, and the recent economic recession has heated it up again. Under the influence of economic recession and financial cut to higher education, it seems to be a common question that high school students ask themselves about “is go to college necessary anymore?” And after seeing many successful entrepreneurs are without college degrees such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, more people are querying if it is worth to spend four years in college. In the article “Plan B: Skip College” which post on New York Times, the author Jacques Steinberg argued about although the most of American think that higher education equal to batter job and happier life, over half of those people will not get a four-year bachelor’s degree in six years. There also have 80 percent of them maybe never get a bachelor’s degree and many jobs do not need a college degree. There is another choice for some students who are not ready to attendant college by leading them toward short-term vocational and career training. Meanwhile, with the increasing cost of higher education, many people are questioning if going to college is a wise investment. However, to answer this question will depend on many different factors. In my view, higher education is a safer investment to most people, but it might not be necessary for the people with brilliant business ideas. Because the most worker lack of abilities in communication and teamwork, vocational programs will help them to solve those problems. Even though there are many benefits in vocational programs, the still could not ignore the importance of college education. The first reason we choose higher education is that college degree could guarantee better employment for most people. College is an institution that college graduates generally obtain higher salary than high school graduates, and they face lower unemployment. According to the figures provided by the...
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