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E1-describe three different types of settings which provide care and education for children in your area.

A statutory sector are services the government provide to the public to ensure peoples human rights, health and well-being. Local authorities are obliged by law to provide these services. These services are paid for by the government. One example of a statutory service provided by the government is, New Earswick Primary School. This is a local primary school that provides care and education for children aged 5-11. The primary school aims to provide children with basic life skills and education. The children receive compulsory education at level; foundation stage, KS1 and KS2. New Earswick primary school is maintained by the city of York council. They use the funding from the government to buy equipment, e.g. Books, computers, stationary equipment and smart boards to ensure the children gain the skills and education they need to thrive in a changing world. A Voluntary sector is a service provided by people volunteering to work for free. They are funded by people donating money to the charity’s. The money donated is then spent on goods to improve the charity’s, e.g. Equipment, rent/bills of the building the charity is run from. The money is also helps towards costs of fun raising activities. Voluntary sectors rely on fun raising activities as they raise a lot of money for the charity. One example of a Voluntary sector is all saints church tots and toddler groups. This is ran by people in the local area that volunteer there time to care for the children, free of charge. This session is ran between 10-11.30am every Wednesday morning. Children spend the morning playing with toys provided. This is developing children’s physical, intellectual and social skills. Tots and toddlers is also an opportunity for parents/careers to meet. A private sector is a service that people pay for to receive the care and help they need. These organisations have no funding from the government, they are funded though the service user paying for the treatment/care they are provided with. Private sectors are ran by individuals for profit. One example of a private sector is home 2 home nursery. This is a private nursery in my local area. This a business run for profit as the parent/s of the child pay for their child to receive care and education. Private nursery’s are usually used by parents that work full time as they offer flexible hours, this helps the household income as it enables parents to work to financially support their families. Home 2 home, offers a safe and fun place to learn and develop a child’s skills though play. Throughout the day children play different games, participate in different activities to develop their skills. This is an opportunity for children and parents to meet new people and have new life experiences.

E2-Describe how each of the types of settings identified in E1 aims to support children and their families.

New Earswick primary school is a statutory service. The primary school aims to support children and family’s in the best way possible. New Earswick primary school believes healthy eating is very important. They supply the children with a healthy snack at breaks and a nutritious meal at lunch time. This supports the children’s physical and intellectual development. The healthy food the school provides helps the child stay fit and healthy. It provides them with the correct nutrition the children need for their brains to develop in the best possible way. The primary school also believes animals are a good way for the children to develop knowledge such as; what animals eat, animals environment and how to treat the animals. Each class at the primary school has its own pet. This supports the children as they are learning new life skills (caring for animals), they are also developing their ideas of the outdoor environment. New Earswick primary school supports parents, as it is a place that they...
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