Misrepresentation of Different Cultures by the Media

Topics: Rio Grande, United States, Immigration to the United States Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Cherry Lopez
Professor: Brown
The Immigrant Experience-Past and Present

The person I interviewed is Carlos Orellana. He is a Honduran who came to the United States crossing Mexico. Orellana came to the U.S.A in search of a better future for him and his family, without realizing how hard it was going to be; finding a path full of bitterness, sadness, desolation, despair and loneliness. How did you come to America?

I came to America across all of Mexico. It was very difficult to cross Mexico not only because is big, but also because there are people who despise you, throw stones at you, and treat you bad just for being an immigrant. After crossing Mexico, we had to cross the Rio Grande. I felt lonely and sad to see the river growing stronger and that many compatriots dying by drowning. The river swept them away and we never saw them again. Crossing the river was very hard. But evading border immigration and walking in the desert for 6 days and 6 nights, with my feet cracked and casting blood, while wearing torn clothes. I suffered from hunger, thirst, and fatigue, drinking dirty water occasionally from puddles, where only farm animals drink. Sleeping on thorns, stones and sticks in the bush, jumping fences and having to hide often from the cars crossing along the streets. Despite all this, when I was in the desert, I was kidnapped by a group of coyotes. I was held there for several days, until one day I escaped with four other men. I finally got to the United States where it has not been easy, because here you have to look down, where people treat you badly, worse than a dog. Well, now I know that you didn’t came to this country legally. That's right; I have no papers, and being without legal documents has been very hard and bitter for me. So, where did you live when you first came here? When I came to this country, a truck driver brought me to New York from Texas. With the little money I had, I ate, but couldn’t afford a room or anything, so I...
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