Misrepresentation In Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Police brutality, United States Pages: 5 (1099 words) Published: April 24, 2017

In the recent past, law enforcement in various parts of the world has come under serious threat from different types of media. In the United States, law enforcement agencies argue that their work is greatly affected by the misrepresentation made by the electronic, print, and social media (Colbran, 2014). They fear that in the contemporary world, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are negatively affecting their work and playing a major role in the rising cases of violence across the country. The misrepresentation of law enforcement by media has been termed as the biggest challenge that authorities have had to deal with in the contemporary world of high technological advancements. People have developed a tendency...

Psychologists argue that the public has mastered the art of playing the victim when dealing with law enforcement agencies through the help of the media. It ignores reporting on the time that officers take negotiating with criminals before shooting them because of provocation (Garner, 2012). It portrays members of the black community as criminals who are always targeted by police officers. The media has instilled fear in the public with regard to the power of the Black Lives Matter Movement as a way of validating their claims that members of the African American community often face a lot of brutality from the police. This situation has not been made any better by the existence of smart phones and the increasing number of people using social media. People use their phones to record video clips and report various incidents of police misconduct by posting them on social media (Garner, 2012). These videos are shared widely. Various senders end up creating a negative image about the work of law enforcement agencies. The police argue that the challenge does not lie in people recording and sharing their confrontations with the public, but the manner in which the whole situations are put in the wrong context and shared with people that have little knowledge about the real events that took place (Colbran,...

Many valuable acts conducted by members of law enforcement agencies are often ignored and misrepresented by the media without considering the negative impacts it may be having on the parties involved. The media has made the public to believe that police officers are inhuman and racists because most of the stories they tell portray the law enforcement agencies in bad light. Contemporary media disregards the safety of the police officers and the need to end racism. In addition, they avoid addressing the deteriorating relationship between law enforcement agencies and the public. The increasing use of social media has also contributed to the misrepresentation of law enforcement because people tend to share images and video clips with other users without taking time to establish their validity. There is an urgent need for the media to change the way they tell stories involving the police and their work. It is important to tell both sides of the story and avoid focusing too much on the elements they perceive to be negative about law...
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