Topics: Thought, Saudi Arabia, United States Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Katelyn Santillo
Mr. Rosenberg
English Composition 150 DF
October 7, 2012

An Individual’s Misunderstanding

Have you ever made an error of judgment at some point in your life? Did you ever think about the mistakes you have made through misperceptions and wish that somehow you could change it? Well, I am sure you have, maybe even more than once in your lifetime. Often individuals make many errors of judgment without even realizing that they do. The reason they do not realize that they do is because they frequently do not pay attention to their error of judgment until they look back on it or rethink about it.

I have made many judgments of error throughout my life that I wish I could change or go back and fix, but one in particular is a misperception I have made recently. This misperception was the fact that I had a misunderstanding of my friends from Saudi Arabia that I met when I moved to Pittsburgh.

I knew nothing about these friends of mine before they introduced themselves to me. Once they all introduced themselves all I knew was the fact that they came from Saudi Arabia and they came to America to Point Park University to learn English. Each one of my friends had been here a few months before me because they were already at Point Park taking courses and learning English.

I assumed something about them that was not true at all, and that was that Arabic individuals rarely associate with American individuals, they mainly associate with other Saudi Arabians. I was also told that they are not very friendly toward people that did not share the same culture. The reason I thought this was because I was told this many times before and I assumed the reason for that was because it was part of their beliefs.

I have recently learned that this is a judgment of error. Individuals from Saudi Arabia are friendly toward everyone they meet. My friends who came from Saudi Arabia came to America for a reason which is to go to school in Pittsburgh and learn...

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