Misery Loves Company

Topics: Love, Emotion, Debut albums Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: November 29, 2005
Misery loves company; unless it is the person you love. There is nothing like the guilt of causing harm to the one person who brings you the most joy and happiness the world has to offer. Love can conquer all things however; even things that are out of one's control. But then that in itself can be an issue. Can it be possible to determine what is in our hands or apart of God's plan? Maybe we blame too much on God and not enough on the actions of ourselves. Nevertheless, the misfortune of some of our actions either stand the test or fail the test of love.

Inseparable is the only adjective that can be used to describe the two. The passion for each other outweighed the fear of each other's health. We all take risks in our lives, however, the definition of a risk includes the inability to predict the outcome of a situation. She knew exactly what the outcome would be, but felt her passion for him outweighed her desire for a healthier life.

Nothing was wrong until he started changing his ways. Everyone is afraid of change and that is the reason why the differences were so difficult to bear. We especially fear what we do not understand. She didn't understand why it was he didn't have the drive to do the things they used to do. Their relationship had thrived off of the energy which was fed off of each other. When the energy left, so did much of the joy. However, the love never left.

The biggest problem with change in a relationship is that we complain over this individual not being the one we fell in love with. The issue with that is, is that too big of an expectation? Do you really expect a significant other to be the same weight or act the exactly the same as he or she did when you first met them. His weight loss and lack of energy was not a thought to be anything malignant, just a sign of laziness. If you are too lazy to get food, you will clearly lose weight and will lose energy because of the lack of food. These were indefinitely signs of the beginning of...
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