Misconceptions of Pit Bulls

Topics: Breed-specific legislation, American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Misconceptions of Pit Bulls
Tori Renfro
Few dogs are as renowned and as feared in America as the Pit Bull. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of interbreeding between Old English Terrier and English Bulldogs to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog. These dogs were initially bred in England, and arrived in the United States with the founders. In the U.S., these dogs were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions. Some have been selectively bred for their fighting prowess. The United Kennel Club (UKC) was the first registry to recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier, in 1898. It can be challenging not to be emotional one way or the other about these canines. Especially if you’ve cared for one or if a friend or loved one was involved in an incident with a Pit Bull. One group of Americans would say they are blood thirsty monsters, while another argues they’re loving, safe dogs and owners are to blame for any “bad” Pit Bulls. Where is the truth? It’s somewhere in between the two. It becomes more confusing when attempting to identify exactly how many Pit Bulls are to blame for dog or human attacks. When the term "Pit Bull" is seen in the press, it can refer to any type of dog. More often than someone would assume, a dog that attacked someone and is mistakenly labeled a Pit Bull is actually a mutt or a different breed completely. Even if a photo is included and it appears to be a Pit Bull, it could very well be any number of mixes which produce similar characteristics in a breed. When giving a thought to it, condemning a dog based on its physical traits is actually declaring his guilt based purely on his appearance. That simply isn’t fair. Unfortunately there are sensible people who honestly feel that Pit Bulls and any dog that remotely resembles one is a danger to society. These people may not retain the proper information...
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