Misconception of Black Metal Music

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::Misconception of Black Metal Music::


Chapter 1: 1.1 – Introduction
1.2 – Background
1.3 – Rational
1.4 – Scope

Chapter 2: 2.1 – Definition
2.2 – Historical Background
2.3 – Characteristics

Chapter 3: 3.1 – Black Metal in Malaysia
3.2 – Issues on Black Metal Music
3.3 – Black Metal Bands

Chapter 4: 4.1 – Interviews
4.2 – Q&A
4.3 – Analysis and Conclusion

Chapter 5: 5.1 – Islamic Point Of View
5.2 – Current Issues

Chapter 6: Summary and Conclusion




Black metal = a subgenre of heavy metal music that uses screamed lyrics, fast guitar playing and drumming, and heavily distorted music with a focus on satanic imagery and occult themes. Misconception = A mistaken thought, idea, or notion; a misunderstanding. = an incorrect conception.

Misconception of black metal music means a mistaken thought, idea or notion about a subgenre of heavy metal music that uses screamed lyrics, fast guitar playing and drumming, and heavily distorted music with a focus on satanic imagery and occult themes.


Black Metal? Demon Worship? Black Sheep? Maybe that is what crosses the minds of people when they hear about black metal. But how many people actually know where black metal originated and how was the original music in black metal itself. And you must know what is happening to the youth of Malaysia that are so obsessed with black metal that it makes them do absurd things that goes against so many morals. Let us look into the history of black metal and find out what exactly is clouding the minds of the youth.

Black metal did not come from thin air. It is actually a sub-genre of the usually heavy metal music. Usually black metal music contains the sounds of heavy guitar distortion and played with enormous speed, high-pitch screaming vocals and fast skillful drumming. The lyrics are mostly based on anti-Christian and also involve occult themes. From the image, in the beginning, black metal bands prefer to portray a “dead paint” look, a type of makeup that is black and white based colors to show their themes.


In the early 80s, black metal bands can be said started out in the areas like Norway, Scandinavia, Finland and so forth. The person who is most responsible for starting the black metal scene is no other than Øystein Aarseth(Euronymous), the guitarist for Mayhem. He can be said to be the father of black metal music. The black metal scene there is really anti-Christian, and their main motive is to expel Christianity and other non-Scandinavian religion from the people of Norway. The motive, can be said, is being fulfilled by one group called ‘Inner Circle’ that is led by Aarseth himself and a few of his close friends and was formed in the basement of Aarseth music store, Helvete. The store also acts as a recording studio where Mayhem and few other bands conquer the black metal scene under Aarseth independent label called Deathlike Silence Productions. Deathlike Silence’s goal was to produce albums for bands that “incarnated evil in its most pure state.”

Also around this time, there was a rash of arsons directed at Christian churches in Norway that Aarseth's circle claimed responsibility for inspiring, if not necessarily perpetrating. The most unforgettable church was the Fantoft church that was burned the ‘Inner Circle’. There were a few who started to threaten and terrorize death metal bands that were touring their country or neighboring country with the excuse of their “lack of evilness”.

In 1990, black metal scene started to gain major mass media publicity when Mayhem's frontman, Dead, killed himself by a shotgun blast to his head and only leaving a note that said “Excuse all the blood”. His body then was found...
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