Miscommunication Loved Ones

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Loved ones are the easiest people to misunderstand in the communication field. Just because loved ones swear that they are the closest in the universe, on most occasions they are the first to misinterpret what was said to them. “For many people, their communication skills with loved ones are not as strong as they think.” U.S. News & World Report (2011) Loved ones assume they always know what each other mean by what they say. A lot of people do not realize that our moods can curve our interpretations of what another is trying to communicate. Communication is the whole key to any relationship. Couples are probably the most notorious for misinterpreting what the other has said. This is how little arguments spark usually. It is not what someone says, it is how they say it. This leads to miscommunication. According to Savitsky, “Some couples may indeed be on the same wavelength, but maybe not as much as they think. You get rushed and preoccupied, and you stop taking the perspective of the other person, precisely because the two of you are so close.” U.S. News & World Report (2011) I have had several miscommunications with my fiancé over the years of being together. He tends to be more quiet and reserved versus me who is outspoken and sociable. I say what I think, he holds it in. This is an easy breech for miscommunication. Granted, we do communicate quite well; but, there are times where things can be a little unclear. For example, every year for three years now on April 28th and May 2nd I have a hard time emotionally, due to my father passing on May 2nd and his birthday is April 28th. The first year I pretty much assumed that my fiancé would know what those days were to me, considering he has been with me for seven years and endured the death of my father with me. I should not have assumed, I should have properly communicated with him and explained to him why I was so emotional those days and that it was going to be very...

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