Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Obstetrics Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: December 10, 2005
There are many unexplainable things that happen to man different people in this world and now they have explanations. Miscarriages are accruing more and more often these days. There are many logical reasons for the occurrences of miscarriages. There has been a great deal of research concerning miscarriages and now we came prevent these from happening. Doctors have discovered that caffeine plays a big part in miscarriages today. Smoking also is a leading cause of miscarriages in today's studies. Studies have revealed that chlorine is a possible cause for miscarriages; also know as "spontaneous abortions". Stress is a widely known cause for spontaneous abortions.

Researchers found that women who drank three to four cups of caffeine a day in the month prior to conception had nearly twice as great a risk of losing their babies as to those who drank less than half a cup a day. During pregnancy, even as little as a cup and a half to two cups of coffee a day-or five cups of tea or four cans of cola-doubled the possibility of having a miscarriage. Three to four daily cups of coffee nearly tripled the risk. InfoTrac OneFile. Of caffeine and miscarriages. Wayne G. Basler Lib., Blountville, TN. 13 April 2004

Scientist speculates that the reason that caffeine contributes to miscarriage in the first place is because the caffeine can decrease blood flow through the placenta, which provides nourishment to the unborn child. This is a very dangerous circumstance because

blood flow plays a very important role in the placenta. It is also said that caffeine cause high blood pressure and can cause miscarriages and birth defects. My friend Ashley had her baby three months early because of high blood pressure resulting from high intake of mountain dew.

It is said that cigarette smoking doubles a woman's chance of miscarrying. Pregnant women who smoke ten or more cigarettes a day risk as much as five times a greater risk than nonsmokers. Smoking can also cause bleeding and...
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