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Case Study 5 Asking the Customer by Asking the Database
Questions 1    
Why would a customer database be so useful for a company such as Forbes or Kodak? What would happen if these companies had not kept their customer data in databases?

Forbes business model relies heavily on advertising to supplement revenue from paid subscriptions, so it is constantly looking for ways to helps its advertisers reach Forbes readers more efficient. Therefore, a customer database will be useful for Forbes because Forbes did not need to employ third party to analyses their customer data instead of just using database to know each individual customer activity on Forbes. By doing so, Forbes can target their campaigns more precisely and increase their circulation As for Kodak, Kodak relies more heavily on actual data in its Oracle customer database which complied from direct purchases and registration on Kodak’s website and photo sharing site. From this customer database, Kodak can easily track customer behavior and improving their strategy on marketing, promoting, distribution and pricing. A customer database can be so useful as it can consolidated data on all its marketing activities, target each type of customer precisely, and measure effect of each channels. By doing so, Kodak can improve their performance and popularity. If these companies had not kept their customer data in database. These companies may need to conduct more complex work as the status of everything is unknown. Companies do not have customer information, no wonder what are they seeking and do not know what they need especially most up-to date info of customer was unidentified. As a result, companies cannot scale their business well as the management team in the companies cannot make wise decision competent to customers’ need as there is no database to track customer behavior. Companies may also lost loyalty as there is no more customer relation between each other. As companies can concern customer by...
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