Mis Research Paper

Topics: Decision making, Decision support system, Decision theory Pages: 9 (2940 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Managing Information System – Research Paper

The effect of decision support system expertise on system use behavior and performance

Bruce Cheek

Majid Goudarzi3067817

Due Date: 28/09/08

1. Introduction
2. DSS and Management
3. Overview
3.1 .Theoretical framework
3.2 Hypotheses
3.3 Participants
3.4 Methodology
4. Result
5. Importance of the study
6. Limitations of the study
7. Implication of the study
8. Suggestions for further research
9. Conclusion
10. References

This paper gives a summary of the work of Lee, Wagner and Shin (2008) on the effect of DSS expertise on the users’ performance. After highlighting the relationship between DSS and management, the writer not only considers the methodology of the research but also gives a clear picture of the results of the study. Then he focuses on the limitations of this study and later on puts an emphasis on implications of the findings of their paper. 2.DSS and Management

Decision support system is special software programmed on the computer to help users in making business decisions. DSS assists users by analyzing business data. It can also be defined as a computer application that can enhance a person’s ability. French and Turoff (2007) defined DSS as a multi-faceted system which includes a variety of functions. They believed that DSS not only can analyze and summarize the data but also can simulate the future after several courses of action. According to Drudzel and Flynn (2005), DSS is a useful source of help for cognitive deficiencies of the users since it offers different alternatives to make decision making easier. It is strongly supported by Lam (1997) that the quality of the decision made by decision making group can be increased if DSS is practiced. He also put that a quality decision can lead to quality management. Researchers highly agree that employing DSS results in constant improvement in management. Furthermore, Power (2006) regarded DSS as a tool closely similar to knowledge management, a tool that is designed not for everyone in an organization but for managers. Not surprisingly, DSS facilitates and manages crisis planning as well. It is asserted by Power (2006) that DSS creates benefits and results in competitive advantage. It is worthwhile to take into account that DSS cannot provide solution to any specific problems but it creates alternatives and capabilities for the managers. Aside from all DSS merits, its rapid changes sometimes make it difficult for managers to keep up with it. Therefore, managers absolutely need training to overcome the challenge of DSS constant evolution. 3.Overview

This study analyses the effect of expertise in DSS on decision making group’s problem-solving strategies and also the efficiency of their decisions. According to Kohli and Devaraji (2004), making use of DSS over a long period of time can bring about more desired outcomes. However, Williams et al. (2007) agreed that DSS application does not always lead to a better quality decision and improved performance. Considering these findings and on the account of the fact that an effective performance requires knowledge and planning, the researchers of this study examined the relationship of participants’ expertise to their problem-solving strategies and performances. 3.1.Theoretical framework

Different studies highlight the fact that DSS use results in the improvement of the decisions (Power, 2007). Furthermore, taking into account that practice makes perfection, the researchers inferred that higher level of system expertise might lead into better decision making. 3.2 Hypotheses

H1: Decision makers with greater DSS expertise will experience less restrictiveness than novice users. H2: Decision makers with greater DSS expertise will exhibit better planning behavior in problem solving than novices. H3: Decision makers with greater...
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