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“Management Information System.”
Affalited to,

Swami RamanandTeerthMarathwada University,
Nanded, Maharashtra

Abhijeet G.Wakode
MBA II year

Dr. N. C Dhande

School of Commerce and Management Sciences,
Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded

Sr.No| Content Name | Page No.|
1| Study of different data names, attributes, records and data types that are used by an organization in their MIS.| 3| 2| Study of information flow, data flow and document flow system in an academic organization.| 15| 3| Preparation of the database structure for a service industry such as Bank, insurance, Gas agency, Hospitals, Hotel etc. Create the table using any software tool.| 23| 4| Design an executive information system (block diagram) for a small scale organization such as dairy, shopping mall etc.| 28| 5| Study and evaluation of the security provisions that are implemented in the information system by an organization.| 32| 6| Application of Herbert Simon’s model for an organization MIS.| 36| 7| Study of various types of information’s such as ‘Qualitative’, ‘Quantitative’, ‘Evaluative’, ‘Programmable’, ‘Processed’ information etc.| 40| 8| Study of various CASE tools available.| 45|

9| Study of computer network set up and the infrastructure of an organization.| 49| 10| Design a plan for a small System development life cycle for a small business unit.| 51| 11| Study of a MIS implemented in an organization with reference to the managerial advantages.| 55|

1. Study of different data names, attributes, records and data types that are used by an organization in their MIS. Aim:- To get knowledge and uses of data types, records, attributes and names. Software and Hardware:

Microsoft Office 2007,
Intel piv 2.2 GHz Processor,
160 GB HDD,
Objectives:-ToStudy of different data names, attributes, records and data types that are used by an organization in their MIS. Theory:-
Data Attribute
In the realm of computer science, a logical data model is the accurate representation of a company's data. These data need to be logically represented because later on they will be the basis for data modelling. Data modelling in turn will be the basis for database implementation as the computer needs to understand business entities and activities from a digital perspective. At the logical data model, a data modeller needs to describe all data in the most detailed way possible. This should be regardless of how the physical database will be implemented. The logical data model includes identification of all entities are relationships among them. It also lists all the attributes for each entity which is being specified. In fact, the steps for designing a logical data model are:

1. Identifying all the entities based on business activities 2. Specifying the primary keys for all identified entities
3. Finding and defining all relationships between different entities 4. Finding attributes for each entity
5. Resolving many to many relationships
6. Normalization
A data attribute is an instance or occurrence of any attribute type. A data attribute value is a characteristic of or any fact describing the occurrence of an entity. For instance, an entity's colour maybe "red" or "blue" and other colour that correctly describes the entity. Each type entity will have one more data attributes. In logical data modelling, data attributes should always be cohesive from the perspective of the domain. This is often called a judgment call for the data modeller or data architect. Getting to the deepest level of detail can make a real significant impact on the development and maintenance efforts during the future of the implementation. Data attributes will always exist for an entity regardless of whatever is being represented by the entity in the real business situation. For instance in the business...
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