Mis on Your Pocket

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Paige DeVriendt
Case Study 1
MIS 220, T/TH 11AM
Professor Wang
MIS In Your Pocket
Q1:The kinds of applications that are described in this case study are as simple as e-mail, calendar, photo sharing, and text messaging applications to applications like the one used for MEDITECH electronic medical records system, Epocrates Essentials, ChainLinq Mobile, and the app developed by Timothy Childs to help control machines in his business. These types of applications help employees stay better kept up with each other and business information. The e-mail application allows employees to receive e-mails almost directly after they are sent. The MEDITECH application gives doctors the ability to look at things like medical records and results whenever they need to and where ever they are. Also being able to access applications like Epocrates Essentials helps them understand the results and get more medical information. Basically, all the applications described help support business functions like timeliness and punctuality. These application help improve operational efficiency because they improve the speed of the information being communicated in businesses. This allows the businesses to operate faster and helps decision-making be done quicker which will help companies avoid potential problems or fix problems that are happening faster. Q2:Businesses in this case study solved problems like doctors being able to stay on call, having a secure mobile network, quickly delivering information to customers, and controlling some parts of machines through specific applications. Doylestown Hospital uses the iPhone for their doctor’s to be able to access medical information they might need at any moment by connecting it to the hospital’s electronic medical records system called MEDITECH. This takes away the hassle when a doctor is not in the office and there is a question about a patient that needs immediate attention. This hospital also uses the iPhone for their doctor’s to be able to receive important e-mails promptly and also to allow the doctor’s to be on call no matter where they are. By using the iPhone for e-mail and on call service, doctor’s don’t have to worry about missing an e-mail because they can’t get to a computer or missing a call because they weren’t at home all night. D.W. Morgan uses an application specific for their company called ChainLinq Mobile. This helps them avoid shipping problems or solve them quickly if there is a problem. They work at a just-in-time speed so when a company makes an order it is their job to immediately have it delivered. The ChainLinq Mobile allows for trucks to give their location at all times and to immediately notifies the company when a product has been delivered. Timothy Childs is the owner of TCHO which develops unique chocolate flavors through custom-developed machinery. He made an app for the iPhone that allows him to control the machines time and temperature, to turn it on and off, and it also notifies him if and when temperature changes. This helps him constantly control the machines with out actually being around them so if something needs fixed he can do it wherever he is. Q3:Many different types of businesses would benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices. Public Relations businesses would benefit very much from using these devices. Public Relations deal with communicating with all types of publics. Devices like the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Droid would allow Public Relation employee’s to quickly and easily communicate with any of their publics. This would be especially useful when they are dealing with a crisis. When Public Relations Specialist have to deal with a crisis they have to immediately respond to the problem and fix it. The use of these mobile devices and mobile devices like them would allow for the specialist to immediately deal with the problem whenever and wherever they are. They could also reach any public they need to be in contact with....

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