MIS Midterm

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Question 1
A global strategy is associated with ________.

high degree of global integration and low degree of local responsiveness
low degree of global integration and high degree of local responsiveness
low degree of global integration and lack of local responsiveness
low degree of global integration and low degree of local responsiveness
high degree of global integration and high degree of local responsiveness

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Question 2
While assessing value of the IS infrastructure, ________ value is derived from assessing the extent to which an investment helps to meet requirements for control, security, and integrity as required by a governing body or a key customer. Answer


regulatory and compliance




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Question 3
________ is used to solve large-scale computing problems.

Grid computing

Edge computing

IP convergence

Distributed computing

Trusted computing

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Question 4
The digital divide is one of the major ethical challenges facing society today when you consider the strong linkage between computer literacy and a person's ability to compete in the information age. Which of the following statements, if true, would widen the digital divide? Answer

Certain IT firms are conducting exclusive research to make the technology product life-cycle longer.
Companies like Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway have invested billions of dollars in research on information technology.
The increase in the need for innovative technology has increased the cost of research, which has resulted in an increase in the cost of computing.
IT firms are concerned about and are conducting extensive research on the obsolescence of technology.
According to Moore's law, the cost of computing is expected to decrease drastically over the next few years.

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Question 5
Which of the following is as an example of nearshoring?

T-Mobile moves part of its content development process from India to the Czech Republic.
Parts of Airbus and Boeing airplanes are designed and engineered in Moscow, Russia.
British Airways moves customer relations and passenger revenue accounting to India.
Worldwide banking group HSBC moves back-office operations to India.
McKinsey sets up a global research division in India.

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Question 6
Aircraft manufacturer Boeing designed its new 787 Dreamliner aircraft in Russia, making use of the availability of highly skilled aeronautical engineers. Identify this strategy. Answer






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Question 7
To deploy innovative information systems well, people in the organization must be willing to do whatever they can to bypass and eliminate internal bureaucracy, set aside political squabbles, and pull together for the common good. These requirements can be categorized as ________ requirements. Answer




risk tolerance


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Question 8
________ is used to increase Web application performance.

Green computing

Trusted computing

Edge computing

Distributed computing

IP convergence

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Question 9
Which of the following is a disadvantage of firms that pursue a global strategy? Answer

limited knowledge transfer between individual subsidiaries

lack of control over subsidiaries

inability to react quickly to local challenges and opportunities
lack of interest in obtaining additional knowledge about foreign operations
inability to control decentralization

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Question 10
Any input your computer receives is digitized and then is processed by the CPU. Which of the following explains the meaning of the word "digitized" in the preceding sentence?


encrypted in the operating...
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