Mis-Management Information System

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Application of MIS in Airlines

Company - McCall Aviation

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Service Industry – An Introduction
What is service?
* Service
It is something done for us. From time to time we also buy things that cannot be touched. For example, we buy repairs and cleaning for our teeth when we go to the dentist. In this case, we are buying a SERVICE. * Characteristics of Service

* Intangible product
* An asset that is not physical in nature
* Produced & consumed at same time
* Often unique
* High customer interaction
* Often knowledge-based
* Frequently dispersed
* The Managers put lot of efforts in a service industry to create a distinctive service to remain competitive , thus MIS plays an important role in providing the most satisfying service to the customers * MIS found for manufacturing sectors does not match with service sector, it is much more developed and popular like in the following industries : * Hotels

* Hospital
* Airlines
* Insurance
* Banking
* Finance etc.
A Conceptual model should be like:
Back end application
Front end
Network server
Accounts data base
Customer data base
Resource data base
Facilities data base
Service job data base

Airline services- The Aviation Industry
* Airline service main objective is to move peoples and goods from one part of the world to other location, safely and in time. * People look for good service from airline industry. Few are listed below : * Scheduling of flights

* Convenience of traveling
* Cost
* Comfort
* Food quality
* Hostility and treatment by the staff
* Facilities at the airport.









The various functions that are undertaken in an airline company are given below :

We shall be taking up the area of Flight Operations as an example of MIS application in the Aviation Industry

For the Flight Operations, the process cycle can be given as below indicating the stages of service and the required steps needed to be performed to achieve the desired result - Stage | Steps | Flight Operations |

Initiation | Enquiry, information seeking, checking, assessing | Seeking information on flights, fare, services, timings, facilities | Transition | Steps towards or prior to effecting the service | Issue of ticket and instructions about check in of baggage, pre-boarding service | Pre-service | Check and cross-check of documents, records, vouchers. Providing guidance, exchange of documents, assurance of quality | Ticket inspection at counter, issue of boarding pass, movement guidance for security check | Service | Effecting the service delivery with goods, physical assistance | Finding seat, provide in-flight assistance and services | Post-service | Concluding the service, providing existing assistance. Service recovery | Baggage arrival and reclaiming, exit guidance, next flight information, transport assistance |

In order to fulfill all the above requirements, we should develop: * A Database ( for passenger and flight information )
* Airline service MIS must be designed so that it supports for collecting all types of information. * They may want to revise the schedules of the flight, which suits the passenger’s needs. * Some-times it needs to discover service package for particular group of passengers. It requires passengers profile to be built up. * To satisfy all these needs following data is important to be handled : * Name, Contact number and address

* Type, Class and purpose of travel
* Destination and duration of stay etc.
Thus we are required to use the concepts of MIS and develop an AIRLINE RESERVATION...
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