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Andrew Parenti
Jeremy Wang
MIS 220
20 September 2011
MIS: In Your Pocket
1)Efficiency; that’s the name of the game in today’s business world. Why would a business want to waste time trying to uncover some buried information when it can just pull it up with the click of a button? Many companies have answered this question by adapting to a more technological and modernized world. One company, whose name has become synonymous with technological advancements, is Apple. Their newest products, the iPad and the iPhone, have revolutionized the way people approach everyday business. These Apple products are easy to use and have many features, such as calendars, E-mail, web browsing, and notepads that allow for a more organized and efficient workplace. Also, iPhone and iPad owners have an online market available to them that is constantly updating with helpful new applications.

As stated earlier, many businesses are utilizing these technological advancements for the benefit of their company. For example, the article states that physicians at Doylestown Hospital, a health center outside of Philadelphia, all use iPhones in their daily workplace. Aside from the basic calendar and communication applications that all iPhone users are accustomed to, this hospital has customized the phones so that the doctors can view its MEDITECH database from anywhere in the world (Laudon, Laudon, 2011). By customizing the iPhone in such a way, doctors are able to answer questions about specific medical cases at all times. This greatly improves operational efficiency simply by making this information readily available at all times. Along he same lines, a California based company, D.W. Morgan, has developed an application for their iPhones known as Chainlinq mobile. This application allows the company to essentially track each one of its shipments from start to finish. Also, this program uploads its information directly from the phone to the company’s website, which makes it anywhere from twenty-minutes to twelve hours faster than its competition (Laudon, Laudon, 2011). Again, operational efficiency is definitely increased due to the fact that it can track every shipment and solve problems faster than before. This iPhone has become an essential part of D.W. Morgan’s daily operation. In fact, Morgan president Grant Opperman said “We haven’t even begun to see all the potential of the iPhone for our business (Apple, 2010).” Finally, Timothy Childs, owner of a custom chocolate development company known as TCHO, is able to monitor each machines in his Flavorlab using a specific iPhone application. He can control and regulate each machine so that even when he is away fro the office he is still able to operate efficiently and effectively (Laudon, Laudon, 2011).

All in all, we can see what types of applications were used whether it be something as simple as a calendar or as complex as Chainlinq or MEDITECH. These applications support many different business functions from being able to view private information to tracking a shipment’s every move and even to controlling specific machines when you’re not around. It’s safe to say that with all of these applications being utilized effectively, operational efficiency should skyrocket in comparison to what it used to be.

2)Imagine that you’re sick and you’ve been waiting patiently for test results that could potentially alter the way you live your life or even require you to seek immediate medical attention. When you call into your doctor, he or she is at their home and doesn’t have access to new files in their office. This could cause a wide variety of problems ranging from mental distress to further sickness or even death. While some of these outcomes may seem either insignificant or rather extreme, they’re still problems that all physicians like to avoid, which is why Doylestown Medical center gives doctors the ability to view their MEDITECH files from their phones (Refer to the...

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