Mis in Your Pocket.

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, ActiveSync Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: March 11, 2013
MIS in your Pocket.

Ch 1 Problem
1) The applications described here in the book are
i) MEDITECH which offers the physicians with the most updated medical records on a mobile phone ii) Epocrates Essentials: a medical reference applications which is similar to a Wikipedia but except specialized in medical diseases and drugs. iii) E-mail, calendar, and contacts from Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. iv) ChainLinq Mobile which links with GPS to provide almost real time position and status of the delivery. v) TCHO’s customized software which provides real time monitoring and control of the machines making chocolate, including temperature control, on and off control via iphone, and real time video camera of the stores. vi) On iPad, the web-based note-taking, sharing, word processing, and number-crunching.

2) The software MEDITECH will solve the problem when a specific doctor is off-site and the patient at the same time needs urgent medical care. In this case, the doctor is able to see the vital signs and lab results to give advice to the people onsite for treatment. The software Epocrates Essentials is like a Wikipedia that gives the doctor the recent trends in case there is a common flue that goes around and gives the doctor a quick direction to think about what the disease might be and diagnose. ChainLinq Mobile’s benefits are obvious since it basically gives both the clients and the business managers the most updated information so if there is a problem during the shipment, the solutions can be sought and avoids further delays; this will achieve better customer satisfaction. TCHO’s application is also an obvious one, the application basically gives the business owner the freedom to go to everywhere in the world for as long as he has the iPhone on hand, he can still operate and manage his own business while he could be lying on beach and enjoys a sunbath.

3) All kinds of business can be more or less benefitted from having their employees...
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