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Basically an Information System handles the flow and maintenance of information that supports a business or some other operation. It contains information about significant people, places and things within the organization or in the environment surrounding it. Information is derived from meaningful interpretation of data. Data consists of the raw facts representing events occurring in the organization before they are organized into an understandable and useful form for humans.

            An Information System can be defined technically as a set of interrelated components that collect or retrieve, process, store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization. A system which assembles, stores, processes, and delivers information relevant to an organization or to a society, in such a way that the information is accessible and useful to those who wish to use it, including managers, staff, clients and citizens. An information system is a human activity (social) system, which may or may not involve the use of computer systems. Also, in addition to supporting decision-making, information systems help workers and managers to analyze complex problems, to develop new products and to integrate the various modules and departments. Moreover the 'transmission losses'n inter-departmental communication are reduced considerably leading to better coordination and improved transparency (information sharing) within the organization as a whole.             Three activities provide the information that organizations need. These activities are Input, Processing and Output. 'Input' consists of acquisition of the 'raw data', which is transformed into more meaningful packets of 'Information' by means of 'Processing'. The processed information now flows to the users or activities also called as 'Output'. The shortcomings are analyzed and the information is sent back to the appropriate members of the organization to help them evaluate and refine the input. This is termed as 'feedback'. In this report, we would like to present about Management Information system for the company that our group selected. We are choose Pertonas Carigali Sdn. Bhd in Kerteh as the company to make the research. We are visiting them for investigating about the company to get the information.

In task one, we would like to evaluate the need for and use of internal and external business information in Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. We will identify and explain the types of business information needed and the reasons for having the information.

In the second task, we would like to discuss about the contributions and limitations of management information system (MIS) as an aid to improving business performance. Here, we want to describe the MIS and the activities taking place in the system. Besides that, we can identify and explain a basic set of advantages and disadvantages of MIS in running the business activities.

For the last task, we want evaluate the future impact of IT on MIS and improvement in Petronas Carigali Sdn.Bhd. performance. We will identify and explain propose logical improvements on the MIS as the impact of IT advancement.

–TASK 1- Evaluate the needs and requirement of company’s internal sources and external sources for systems development.

The needs and requirement of Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. Kerteh internal sources for systems development are:


1) People sources
People are the most important element in most computer – based information systems. Information systems personnel include all the people who manage, run, program, and maintain the system. Users include financial executives, marketing representatives, manufacturing operators, and many others. People sources including staff or employees and manager in the Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. Kerteh. Example of people sources in the Petronas Carigali...
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